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Products > Accessory / Consumable > HEPA filter > HEPA Activiated Carbon Filter for Leader G1
Product name : HEPA Activiated Carbon Filter for Leader G1
Product No. : 201562914138
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 Focusairy FLT-001 True HEPA Active Carbon Filter Replacement for Air Purifier Leader G Series Odor Allergen smoke Dust Remover
Fits for Leader G Series
Removes up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3μm

Filters up to 90% of toxic gases and VOC

Captures unpleasant odor like smoke
Helps to reduce pet dander, allergen and dust
Model: FLT-001

Compatible with: All Leader G Series

It is true HEPA filter replacement for Leader G1 and all Leader G Series that can keep you free from dust, allergen, and odor, etc.

It is squared and measured by 10.5 *10.5* 3.6cm

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