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1.What are purification technologies your products have utilized?

A: Our air purifiers utilize most advanced air purification technologies such as HEPA, Activated Carbon, photocatalyst oxidation and UV bulbs, and these methods are usually combined in one product:HEPA and Activated Carbon filters: They are two filtration ways to catch particles with a mesh.

2.What is CADR?

A: CADR indicates clean air delivery rate. Air purifiers are usually tested on their ability to remove three types of common pollutants: smoke, dust, and pollen. The higher the CADR numbers, the faster the air purifier filters the air. However, CADR is just a clean air delivery rate, which can't present a clean efficiency.


3.What is Qi charger?

"Qi" is a standard of wireless charging technology launched by wireless power consortium (WPC) in 2009. A Qi charger contains transmitter and receiver two parts, where power transfers from transmitter side to receiver side by electromagnetic induction transformation theory. Mobile devices are freely interoperable with Qi marked chargers, which will improve much convenience and reduce the waste of resource.


4.What are Qi enabled phones?

Almost all smart phones could be wireless charged by following methods:

a. Phones with Qi receiver built-in:
Samsung Galaxy S6
Nokia Lumia1520/930/920/928
LG Pro/Optimus G2/D1L/Optimus LTE2
HTC One M8t/8X/Driod DNA/X920e Butterfly/Rezound/Thunder Bolt
Sharp SH-13C/SH-09D/SH-07D/SH-04D/SH-02D
Google Nexus4/5/7/10
Yota Phone 2
Motorola Droid RAZR/Droid 5
Fujitsu F-03D/F-10D
b. Phones with special Qi receiver accessory:
Nokia Lumia1020/930/925/820/720
Samsung S3/S4/S5/Note2/Note3/Note4
Apple iphone4/4s/5/5s/6/6 plus
ZTE Geek V975
TCL Hero N3
Sony Xperia Z2
c. All Android phones with universal micro USB connector Qi receiver.


5.Why air purifier is needed?

AWe inhale harmful polluted air into our lung every day in modern industrial environment. A surprised fact is that indoor air pollution is more serious than outdoor, 3-5 times even more.That's because indoor air is lack of circulation. What's more, we spend up to 90 percent of our time indoor, which makes us highly susceptible to harmful indoor air contaminations such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spore, VOC, chemical pollutant, cigarette smoke, airborne bacteria and even virus. Exposure to these pollutants has been shown to cause a range of health problems such as allergies, asthma attacks, fatigue, and damage to the respiratory and immunity system. To fight against air pollution, investing in an air purifier is a necessary and most practical solution way.


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